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Simple Audio Multi Room Audio

Simple Audio Multi Room

A higher quality better sounding alternative to the very popular SONOS music system, Simple Audio is getting great reviews and becoming very established. Simple Audio is a high quality 24bit whole house music system that can be controlled by your phone or tablet.


A compact device called a room player sits in each room of the house and powers your speakers on connectors to your HiFi system, an App on your phone or computer can see your entire music collection. Just select your desired room, your favourite song and hear the music! We offer great package details for Simple Audio hardware coupled with Monitor Audio, SpeakerCraft in ceiling and in-wall speakers and lmage Audio speakers.

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Simple Audio Multi Room Audio

The new simple audio multi room, is the latest in technology giving superb 24 bit HD audio sound. Its done using the latest signal processing technology, highest resolution audio decoding capability and high powered amps to deliver the best possible performance on MP3 upto studio quality 24 bit tracks.

You can access all music that you have downloaded to any device that is connected to your home network, or to any twonky NAS drives. The software will automatically detect any muisc stored in your itunes libraries or music that you have stored in your folders on the network.

You can also choose global radio stations from over 50,000 stations using TuneIn. As well as stream music with Deezer. Europes primary streaming service serving 20 million tracks. Simply use your Deezer login details to login via the Simple Audio desktop, ipad, iphone app and search for the required song you want.

How does it work

The Roomplayers connect to each other using powerline so setting up a multi room system is very easy. Just plug and pair additional room players to stream music to different rooms in the house.

This can all be controlled by a free app downloaded to your iphone, ipad, itouch or even by PC / Mac.

There are 2 types of Roomplayers – the Roomplayer I which has a built in amplifier, which is perfect if you want to turn a pair of speakers into a music streaming system.

The Other is the Roomplayer II, which can be plugged into your existing amp.

Both Roomplayers come with audio out, which will allow you to plug in an additional source i.e. if you want your sky box sound coming out of the speakers in the Kitchen.

Roomplayer I - With Built in Amp - £699

Roomplayer 2 £599

Simple Audio - Stream music from your Laptop and other devices

Call now for a package price with Simple Audio and our Image Audio, inceiling Speakers and inwall speakers
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