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Surround Sound Systems

For a real home cinema experience it is very important to choose the right speaker system for your room. Often the wrong type of speaker lacking in dynamics, correct dispersion characteristics and sound pressure level is used and even positioned in the wrong place!



With the right choice of speakers positioned in the right way a very impressive sound system can be achieved on various budget levels, you just need to know what you are doing! We can offer various solutions: from behind acoustic screen setups using Image Audio Speakers to on-wall and floor standing models from Monitor Audio. For discreet speaker options needed for multi use room In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are often a good choice. Manufacturers such as Speaker Craft with the directional AIM8, AIM7 and AIM5 speakers and TruAudio with their ghost series speakers all cater for this growing market.

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dali Speakers

DALI, have 30 years of global recognition in the  audiophile loudspeaker industry.
DALI speakers are characterized by sublime quality and an engaging sound experience across a wide area in any room.
A key contributing factor to DALI's superiority is exclusive DALI driver units designed from scratch by our engineers in close collaboration with experts from the world's leading driver manufacturers. With their unique driver technologies they are able to design and build speaker systems that makes it possible for listeners to hear their favourite music exactly as the artists intended.
Dali offers an exciting range of speakers to suit every taste from cost conscious speakers to the ultimate performance speaker.

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Monitor Audio Speakers

Monitor Audio have a fantastic range of speakers that suit different budgets and installation requirements. From the small Radius series like the R90HD and R225HD with good quality sound in a small high gloss cabinet to large floor standing speaker like the GOLD GX90.

Monitor Audio also do great dedicated on-wall surround speakers such as RXFX which are dipole designs made to increase the surround sound effect.

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In-Ceiling Speakers - Speakercraft Speakers

This type of speaker is very popular in whole house multiroom systems that require discreet easy to install speaker systems. The down side is that due to lack of cabinet the speakers bass response and power handling is limited so coupling them with a subwoofer really helps.

Monitor Audio and Speaker Craft speakers such as the AIM5 and AIM8 are established as being able to protruce hi quality audio from a ceiling position. The AIM profile serices and Monitor Audio trmless range also feature new trimless grills , offering a neat and clean apprearence.

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In-Wall Speakers - Speakercraft Speakers

For discreet installations in-wall speakers are the ideal option if you have a hollow stud wall to work with. By using the right type of in-wall speaker you can create a surprisingly good sound stage and if coupled with a subwoofer bas response should not suffer.

The Speaker Craft AIM LCR speakers are ideal for installations that require speakers that can not be placed in the ideal position but the sound to be directed to the correct position. The in-wall speaker is also idea for rear surround sound channels such as the Aim Cinema and Aim Di-pole speakers.

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Outdoor Speakers - Speakercraft Speakers

SpeakerCraft has the world’s most diverse range of outdoor speakers. SpeakerCraft outdoor speakers, like the new Ruckus rock speakers, can withstand any weather condition and blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

The Ruckus loudspeakers are a line of ten models with major upgrades in both sonic capability and appearance. They have an incredibly durable U.V. and weather-resistant lacquer coating on top of a reinforced, color-matched polyresin enclosure. This means that even if the outer coating is chipped or marred, the material underneath is the same color and, just like an actual rock, will maintain its rock-like appearance.

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MJ Acoustics Subwoofers

The Subwoofer is a essential part of surround sound experience, producing the dedicated mixed channel for low frequency. MJ Acoustics Set the new standard for affordable subwoofers. Redesigned from the ground up there subwoofers has it all. Twin crossovers, diminutive cabinet size and designed to integrate with any speaker from small satellites to high end floor standers. With bass out put down to 13hz and a -3db rating at 19hz in room it really is unbelievable value. Smaller models like the MJ acoustics Pro50 start from as little as £399 and work up to the incredibly powerful Ref800 MK11 at £4850.

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